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2018 Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award

Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2018 finalists announced

2018 Epson Pano Awards

NOW OPEN FOR ENTRIES: 2019 Sony World Photography Awards

Chromatic Photography Awards 2018

Silk Road Youth International Photography Competition (Overseas Division)

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  • Standstorm

    A sandstorm approaches Yazd, Iran, on April 16 2018. Photo by Matthias Schmidt, Social Media via Reuters

  • Hypnotizing Beauty Of Iranian Mosque Ceilings

    As we know, Middle Eastern architecture is renowned for its kaleidoscopic beauty; however, most people have not had chance to witness it for themselves. Instagram photographer Mehrdad has taken viewers on a visual journey through capturing the history of Iranian architecture and design with architectural details. The architectures in photos are the most significant places of worship and cultural complexes, from the the Jāmeh Mosque, one of the oldest still standing in the country, to Chahār Bāgh school, both in the city of Isfahan. More information on

  • Echoes of Light

    Born in Iran, Mehran Naghshbandi grew up in Sanandaj, a city surrounded by Zagros mountains, where nature was always an important part of people’s lives. After moving to north of Iran to study industrial design, the nature there around Mehran Naghshbandi amused him so much. Under such environment, Mehran Naghshbandi had the chance to hear the sea closer than any sound and hike for hours in the maze of jungles, enabling to record the scenes that lots of people have forgotten to see and feel clearly despite the fact that they are exposed to them everyday. With the curiosity and passion on nature, Mehran Naghshbandi captured a series of photos about sea at night, revealing its detail, beauty and spirit of their normal but simultaneously peculiar surroundings. More information at

  • Pious Workship

    A girl stands near burning lamps to keep herself warm as she takes part in the "Bol Bom" (Say Shiva) pilgrimage in Kathmandu, Nepal at the end of July 2018. Photo by Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters

  • Golden Bridge In this photograph taken at the end of July 2018, visitors walk along the 150-meter long Cau Vang "Golden Bridge" in the Ba Na Hills near Danang, Vietnam. Nestled in the forested hills of central Vietnam two giant concrete hands emerge from the trees, holding up a glimmering golden bridge crowded with gleeful visitors taking selfies at the country's latest eccentric tourist draw. Photo by Linh Pham / AFP / Getty

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